Accidents and Illness

Since it is essential that we are able to contact you if your child is ill or has an accident, we ask you to provide us with telephone numbers of workplaces and an emergency contact.

If there are any changes to your contact details during the year, you must make sure we are informed.

If a child has an accident in school which involves a knock on the head, they are seen by a qualified first-aider. If the bump is serious the school will telephone to let you know so that you can continue to monitor your child after school. In some cases parents will be asked to take their child home straight away or seek further treatment.


Members of staff are not allowed to administer prescribed and non-prescribed medicines to children. Children with conditions, such as asthma, who require a regular dose of medication, will be supervised by a member of staff, following the completion, by parents, of the necessary consent forms. For some medical conditions, a ‘Care Plan’ is required for a child, to ensure that the correct care is provided. This is compiled by a multi agency team, generally involving health professionals, school and the parents. It is essential that the school is kept informed and provided with up to date information about the medical condition of children.

If your child has a stomach bug, it is advisable to make sure that they are fully recovered before they return to school. The child should be kept away from school for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

Head lice are a recurring problem in all schools. Please check your child’s hair every week. Advice on head lice management can be obtained from the school nurse, and treatment lotion can be obtained free of charge on prescription from your G.P.

Medical Supervision

There is a School Nurse who comes to school periodically to work with the staff and children. Her expertise is sought in many instances and she can offer advice, support and help, not only to the children and staff, but also to parents. She is happy to discuss matters of a confidential nature with parents at a mutually convenient time. She can be contacted through the school office.

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