Vision, Aims and Values

Our Vision

We are a happy safe and caring community of independent and motivated learners, inspired to achieve personal successes.

Believe it; achieve it.

Mission Statement

In our school we believe in the core values of honesty, trust, care, compassion, respect, responsibility and inclusion.

At the centre of our school community is the belief that everyone should be treated fairly and given every opportunity to succeed. Each day is a new day.

We actively encourage children to be open and honest, to take responsibility for their words and actions, to admit their mistakes and then to learn from them.

We teach the children to have respect for all members of our community, to accept that other people may have a different point of view to their own, and to take care of, and treat with respect, their own and other people’s property.

We treat everyone within our community with care and compassion, taking time to think how our words and actions will affect and influence everyone around us.

We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning, to work independently and in small groups, discussing and developing their own ideas to achieve success.

We understand that learning is a continuous journey throughout our life. We work towards personal goals, whilst celebrating all success along the way.

We act as positive role models for children in our community, teaching them the skills of mediation and problem solving, alongside the understanding that we do not need to interfere in issues that do not concern us, and that sometimes saying and doing nothing is the best policy.

We believe that ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork, commitment and flexibility are as important as academic success, and that most important of all is discernment i.e. being able to use the right skills at the right time.

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