Assessment at Jurby School - Updated September 23

The teachers continuously assess the children in all the areas of the curriculum. The Department of Education Sport and Culture requires us to submit the achievement data of pupils in Foundation Stage 2 (Reception), Year 2 and Year 6. Children are also encouraged to assess their own work and that of their peers against the expected learning intentions. Through this they are beginning to realise that quality learning is the responsibility of each individual throughout their own life.

Assessing children in Year 1 to Year 6

In common with all other schools on the Isle of Man we use the National Curriculum Levels to assess a child’s progress. The levels at the primary age range from Level 1 to Level 5.

All children are individuals and so for some children starting school below the national average, achieving a Level 3 at the end of Y6 would be a success, whilst for another child achieving a Level 5 maybe relatively simple.

At the start of Year most children will be working at a 1C, although some may well be below this level and still working at a Reception level, and others may be working at a higher level.

Each level is sub divided into 3 e.g 1c, 1b and 1a.

Very broadly these can be defined as:

C - the child has just met the required standard

B - the child is working well within the level

A - the child has reached the top of the level and is working towards the next level.

Sub-dividing the levels means that teachers can monitor progress on a term-by-term basis.

The end of year expectations for each year group are shown below:

Year 1 - 1a / 2c

Year 2 - 2b

Year 3 - 2a/3c

Year 4 - 3b

Year 5 - 3a/4c

Year 6 - 4b

The levels DO NOT relate to the year group they are in i.e. a Year 4 child is not expected to be working at Level 4.

Children are expected to achieve one level of progress every two years so that a child achieving a 2b at the end of Year 2 should achieve a Level 4b by the end of Year 6.

The children working at Level 5 in Year 6 are working at a high level. It is important, of course, to recognise that pupils will not always progress in a straight-forward, linear manner and that there may not be even amounts of progress each academic year.

Below is a table showing our schools latest results.

Foundation Stage

At the end of the year it is expected that the majority of the children will have achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD). Children are defined as having reached a Good Level of Development (GLD) if they have achieved at least the expected level for the Early Learning Goals in the prime areas of learning. There are 17 learning goals covering personal, social and emotional development, physical development, and communication and language; and the specific areas of mathematics and literacy.

In 2023 our level of GLD was 85.7% (6 out of 7 children)

KS1 July 2023

The Number of Children is 11

Level 2B or higher

Level 3 or higher

Speaking and Listening

45.5% 9.1%


54.5% 9.1%


18.2% 0


63.6% 9.1%


90.9% 0

KS2 July 2023

The Number of Children is 8

Level 4 or higher

Level 5 or higher

Speaking and Listening

87.5% 37.5%


87.5% 62.5%


75% 25%


62.5% 25%


87.5% 37.5%

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