Home School Liaison

We welcome, encourage and actively seek to promote positive home/school relations.

If you have a concern or a question, we would be pleased if you would speak to a member of staff ‘sooner rather than later’. Teachers are available each morning, when the children are collected from the playground, or at the end of the day. These times are ideal for a quick word. Alternatively, you can telephone the school office to arrange an appointment for a longer discussion at a mutually convenient time. Discussions over the telephone can also be arranged. During the Autumn Term, there is an informal parents’ evening for parents to meet their child’s teacher and see how well he or she is settling into his or her new class. Later on in the year, formal parents’ evenings are held, when individual appointments are made to ensure there is confidentiality to discuss each child’s progress.

At the beginning of each half-term, an information sheet is sent home giving an overview of the areas of study in the ensuing half term.

Newsletters can be sent electronically, but are also sent home in hard copy to those who indicate that they would prefer this method of communication. They inform parents of news and events, and provide general reminders about various matters. We also have a “Twitter” facility.

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In this section you will find information about the day to day running of the school. The vast majority of this information can be found in our Parents Handbook which can be downloaded from here. Parent's Handbook September 21 The Average Child. We have…

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