You may have heard or read about the Momo Challenge. An overview of this particular challenge is:

Players are encouraged to contact Momo (a disfigured character) and provide their mobile number

  • They will then receive instructions to perform a series of challenges, via SMS or Whatsapp
  • Participation leads to abusive messaging and their mobile device being hacked
  • The final challenge is to commit suicide in order to meet ‘Mother Bird’

This challenge is run through WhatsApp, but most children come to know about it through YouTube Bloggers who use their channels to encourage young people to take part.

More information about Momo can be found at and

A handy Parents Guide to Momo, produced by the National Online Safety Group can be downloaded using the link below.

Momo Challenge

As ever we would encourage you to follow our 5 simple steps to keep your child safe.

1 Keep and use Technology in the living room, not in bedrooms.

2 Understand the games your children play, take time to play it with them and talk to them about it.

3 Stick to the age limits.

4 Check the history of devices

5 Be a good role model.

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Keeping Safe Online

The Momo Challenge is in the news at the moment. To find out more about this, click here If you missed our e-safety event you can view the presentation by clicking here Knowing how to stay safe online is vitally important for all members of our community…

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