The terms and conditions for using Social Media are very long and complicated. 99% of adults simply skim through them and accept them, as they are written in complicated legal language that many people don't fully understand.

Did you know that by using Instagram you are granting them permission to "keep, use and share your personal information with companies connected with lnstagram. This information includes your name, email address, school, where you live, pictures, phone number, your likes and dislikes, where you go, who your friends are, how often you use lnstagram, and any other personal information we find such as your birthday or who you are chatting with, including in private messages (DMs)."

The UK Children's Commission, working with specialist lawyers have 'translated' the terms and conditions of the most popular social media platforms into child friendly language to make them easier to understand, and these can be found below.






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Keeping Safe Online

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