Re: Phased reopening of primary schools

I would like to thank you all for your patience at this difficult time.

As I am sure you heard today, the Chief Minister announced that Primary schools will reopen from next Tuesday 13th April 2021 to children who are designated as ‘vulnerable’ or are the children of ‘essential workers’ only.

Under current proposals all children could return to school from Monday 19 April, but this decision will depend on the latest data and advice from Public Health. A final decision will be made by the Council of Ministers next week.

Remote learning will continue until schools fully reopen, and will re-start on Monday 12th April.

From Tuesday 13th April 2021 children who are identified as vulnerable or whose parents/carers work in the sectors identified in the appendix to this letter, can attend school. I would like to reiterate that children of essential workers should only attend school if you must attend your workplace and have no alternative childcare provision available.

It must also be emphasised that we should all work together to keep Covid out of our schools and the community and that children suffering from any Covid symptoms must not be sent into School. If in any doubt, children suffering from symptoms should be kept off school and you should seek advice from the 111 helpline.

Further details about symptoms and what to do can be found on the Government Covid website at:

How to Apply

Access to places will only be available to vulnerable children and children of essential workers who must attend their workplace and have no alternative childcare provision available.

If you believe you are an essential worker, as identified in the appendix and have no alternative childcare provision available, please complete the short application form which can be found at This should be done by 12 noon on Monday 12th April. I will then contact you to confirm a place and email a short declaration form which must be completed and presented to me school on the first day of attendance.

On Tuesday 13th April 2021 we ask that children attending school arrive on the playground where they will be met by a member of staff. The same times of the school day apply as usual.

School catering services are intending to provide meals in school as usual for all children who attend school and payments should be made via ParentPay as normal.

Mitigations in place for the week of 12th April

Social distancing and additional cleaning arrangements will be put in place. We will continue to promote good hand hygiene practice to students of all ages and staff on a regular basis. The use of face coverings will continue to be encouraged for students and staff alike where appropriate, in line with the latest Public Health advice.

Mitigations in place once schools fully reopen

Additional cleaning arrangements will remain and we will continue to promote good hand hygiene practice to students of all ages and to staff on a regular basis. Staff and students will still be able to wear face coverings should they wish, with ventilation being encouraged.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We will still be here for you during these difficult and unprecedented times. We know you will work with us in partnership and hope you will help us in implementing the arrangements above.

Useful Health & Well-being Resources:

The pandemic has caused a lot of changes for our children and young adults – from schools and exams, to socialising and future plans.

The Department of Education Sport and Culture have collected these resources to help you, or a young person you to know to navigate these difficult times.

Anxiety & Coronavirus: Department of Education Sport and Culture document, designed to provide guidance and support for families, children and young people

Anna Freud Advice for Young People to Support their Mental Health: Helping children, young people and their families during the current pandemic

Advice for Parents and Carers: Advice and guidance for parents and carers on how to support wellbeing during the current pandemic

On My Mind: Details self-care strategies to help children and young people manage their wellbeing

A number of other resources are available including the ‘Are you ok?’ survey and tips:

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Best wishes

Will Nelson