Reading Books - One of the best things that you can do to support your child’s learning is to read with them. Oxford Owl has made all of their books available for free whilst schools are closed and these can be found at Many of the books that your child normally brings home are published by Oxford Owl and so your child should be able to find ones they like.
We are aware though that not everybody has unlimited access to the Internet and would like a physical book. We have therefore come up with a method of being able to give you access to some of our school books in a safe and controlled way. All of our school books have been untouched for around a month now, so any virus on them will be dead. Last week I put the books into packs of 10 and placed them in plastic bags. On Wednesday between 10.30am and 12.30pm we will put some tables outside the main entrance with these packs of books on. If you would like a pack of books please come and collect one. If when you arrive there is somebody already there, please remember social distancing whilst you wait. As with any other shopping please can we ask that only 1 adult per household approaches the school, this is not a social outing.

The packs of books have been made up with books of similar levels so it will help if you know the colour of book your child is reading at the moment, but I will be on hand to help from a safe distance if needed. Please do not open the packs and rummage through them, simply pick one up and treat it as a lucky dip.

If you have books that belong to school we will have a box these can be dropped in to. These will remain untouched for at least 10 days before we re pack them. If your household is in isolation, please DO NOT return any books at this time.

If you are unable to attend on Wednesday morning, simply treat this activity the same as you would with anything else you need and ask a friend of neighbour to pick a pack up for you.

Finally as with everything else at the moment please don’t come if you don’t need to. If you have lost of books at home, or a good internet connection please use this instead.

Any questions, just ask.

Mr Nelson