The Heat is on in Jurby!

The heat was on for Year 5 and 6 pupils at Jurby Community School recently, when they were visited by Kumar Menon of Leela’s Kitchen. The children have been learning about India as their topic this term, and were delighted when Kumar joined them to talk to them about India and Indian food. He showed them how to make onion bahjis, and taught them how to make a simple curry. The children were then each given a tub of Leela's kitchen mild curry powder, so that they could go home and try making their own.

Kumar Menon said, “I am sure that my visit will encourage our next generation to cook, and I'm really hoping to continue spreading the benefits of home cooking.” Class teacher Jillian Cranmer said, “We are so grateful to Kumar for coming to cook for us. The children were fascinated by stories of his childhood in India, and they all left ready to try making their own curry.”