Newsletter 15.12.22

Next week we have a number of different events happening. Please find below some further information about each one.

Monday 19th December

Christmas Concert at 2.00pm. At the end of the concert the children will need to get changed back into their school uniform, and then if they have an adult in the audience, they may go home early. Children who don’t have an adult to collect them will need to stay in school until 3.30pm.

Tuesday 20th December

Swimming for children in Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Cranmer’s classes.

Christmas Concert at 6.30pm. Children need to arrive in school between 6.05pm and 6.15pm. Please do not arrive any earlier as the teachers themselves need time to go home, have something to eat and come back again as well. The children should go straight to their classrooms when they arrive.

At the end of the concert we will be drawing our Christmas Sleigh. Have you bought any tickets?

Wednesday 21st December

Christmas Party. The children can come to school in their party clothes if they wish, or get changed at lunch time. (Of course if they want to wear their school uniform that is fine.) Please remember that they will still be running around and going outside so need to have on flat shoes and warm clothes.

Thursday 22nd December

Last day of term. We will be having a fun day in school, but ask that the children do NOT bring in games or toys from home. We have plenty in school that they can play with, and past experience has shown us that children become upset when a vital part of the game gets lost in school.

As is traditional the last day of term is a non uniform day, for which we ask for a £1 donation. This time we will be donating they money to JNCI to help support them with their day to day running costs. As I am sure you know the charity organises many Community events, most of which are free to attend and this money will help to ensure that this approach can continue.

Christmas Jumpers

From Monday children may wear a Christmas jumper if they wish instead of their school jumper. They should continue to wear their school polo shirts, trousers / skirt and shoes as normal on Monday and Tuesday.

Christmas Sleigh

Please can you make sure that you send back your sleigh tickets and the money for any tickets that you have sold by Monday morning. If you haven’t managed to sell any, please don’t worry, but we would like the unsold tickets back to ensure that we can account for all of them, thus complying with the Gambling Commission’s legislation.

Dinner for Two and Over Night Stay at the Ginger Hall

The Ginger Hall have donated a voucher for dinner for two and an overnight stay. Rather than simply including this as an extra prize in the Sleigh we have decided to hold a ‘silent auction’ for this item. If you would like this prize, please return the slip below in a sealed envelope to school by Monday 19th December indicating how much you are willing to donate in return for the prize. The prize will then be ‘won’ by the person who pledges the most money.

We are well aware that finances can be stretched at Christmas and therefore are willing to hold on to the voucher and not take payment until the end of January if the winning bidder would prefer.

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