Sports Day

Our Sports Day is taking place on Monday (30th May), starting at 1.30pm. The afternoon will start with field events, and then once those are complete, we will have some track events, finishing off with the long distance ‘lap race’.

On Monday the children should come to school wearing their PE kit, which should include their house colour t shirt. (They may well wish to wear a jumper or hoodie as well, which they can take off when they are competing.) They should also make sure that they bring with them a drinks bottle, sun cream, sun hat and coat, so that we are covered for all weather eventualities.

In the event of bad weather we will make a decision by 12.00 and will pop a post on Facebook, as well as sending out a text to everybody. The event will then be re-scheduled for after TT.

We will open the playground for parking, please avoid parking in front of the shop, so as to ensure that their customers are still able to park. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Platinum Jubilee

On Tuesday we will be holding a ‘street party’ to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The children should come to school dressed in red, white and blue. There will be no charge for this.

Our party will start at 2.30pm, and is open to all members of our community, young and old. The school will provide food for our children, (which the children will be making in the morning) and tea / coffee and biscuits for the community. If you would like to bring along your own picnic, please do so.

School Grounds

We welcome children and teenagers playing in the school grounds at the evening and weekends, but over the last few weeks have experienced some vandalism, with plants and trees being damaged, rubbish dropped and the ‘toys’ in the Infant playground pushed over and damaged. Upon looking at our CCTV we have also seen children climbing fences, on the school roof and other anti social behaviour. In addition we have also found on a number of occasions dog poo on the field.

We pride ourselves on being a Community School, and want our grounds to be used by all of our Community, with respect and care. As we approach TT, please can you talk to your children, young and old about this, and make sure that they understand that anti social actions will not be tolerated. We do not wish to involve the Police with these issues as they reflect badly on our whole community, but are quickly reaching the point where we will.

Independence and Time Keeping

We are still finding that a large number of children are arriving at school after the bell has gone. Today it was close to 20% of the school who arrived after 9.00am. If a child is 10 minutes late every day, then over the course of a school year they miss over 31 hours of learning.

We understand that from time to time everybody has a slow start to the morning, however late arrivals have an impact on the whole class, and not just your child. If a child arrives after the lesson has started the teacher needs to re-cap the part that they have missed so that they are able to complete the task, which means that the learning of the rest of the class is on pause whilst this takes place.

Linked to this theme we are also working hard across the school to develop the children’s independence and part of this is the children learning to say good bye in the playground, to walk into school with their class and to take responsibility for hanging their own bag and coat etc up. If your child is late, please allow them the independence to walk to their own class by themselves. If they are unable to do this please let Mrs Patterson know and she will walk down with them, or find a member of staff to do this, as a half way step towards them achieving this important goal.

Thank you for your support with this.

Dates for your Diary

Mon 30th May Sports Day 1.30pm

Tue 31st May Reserve Sports Day 1.30pm

Tue 31st May Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Break up for Half Term (TT)

Wed 1st June School Closed - Staff Training

Fri 3rd June Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday - School Closed

Mon 13th June Children back to School

Fri 17th June Parents Information Letters to go out

Mon 4th July Trip to Chester Zoo

TUE 5th July Tynwald Day - School Closed

Wed 13th July Parents Evening - 3.30pm - 6.30pm

Wed 20th July Leavers Concert and Awards Night 7.00pm

Fri 22nd July Non Uniform Day £1 for school Charity

Break up for Summer Term

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