Please find below a copy of our latest newsletter, which is being sent home this evening. Please note that there has been some minor changes to the COVID 19 section between this version, and the printed version. Since we went to print the Government have made some small tweaks to the regulations, so we have reflected these changes in this version.

Newsletter 4.1.22


Please find enclosed two copies of this year’s formal report on your child’s progress. Please can you sign and return one copy to school as soon as possible, the other copy is for you to keep. As usual we would encourage you to make a comment on your child’s report before you return it to us. If you would like to discuss your child’s report with their class teacher, they will be available after school on Monday from 3.30pm until 5.00pm, with the exception of Miss Lace. (She will be availble after school on Wednesday instead.) No appointment is necessary, please just come along. If this time is not convenient, or if you would prefer a phone call rather than an appointment in person, please contact the Office to arrange a mutually convenient time.

40th Celebrations

We were pleased to see many old pupils and staff last week at our open afternoon. Everybody was very complimentary about our school and full of praise for the children’s work that was on display in the classrooms, as well as the old photos.

As part of our celebrations we plan to take a whole school photo, however have delayed taking it until we have all children and staff in school. As soon as we do, we will take it, and copies will be available for you to buy.

We are also busy organising a Time Capsule to bury in the school grounds, which we will be suggesting is dug up when the school is 75 years old in 2057. We will be including copies of last weeks newspapers, photos of the school and children, a fact sheet that every child has written about themselves, a LFT, some coins, a school jumper, dinner menu and other items of interest. We would also like to include a copy of each child’s school report that you received today. If you would prefer your child’s report to not be included for any reason, please let Mr Nelson know. We plan to bury the capsule next Friday, provided that we have been able to take the whole school photo by then.

Expected Levels

On your child’s report it will make reference to whether your child is working at, above, or below the expected level for their age. In order to help you understand this we have written booklets which set out what the ‘average’ child can do independently in Maths, Reading and Writing. It is important to understand that the statements in these booklets are intended as a guide only and the actual level your child is working at is determined by teachers using a range of assessment tools, along with their professional judgement. Most of you will have received copies of these booklets previously, but if you would like another copy they are all available form the office or here. If your child has joined us in school last year or this year we have enclosed a copy with this letter.

Time Keeping

We understand that from time to time everybody has a bad start to the day and end up running late. Over the last few months though we have noticed that around 50% of the school are arriving after the bell has gone at 9.00am. Some children are arriving only a minute or two late, others significantly later. The number of late pupils, coupled with the large variation in time of arrival has a detrimental effect not just on your child, but all the children in the class as their teacher needs to either delay the start of the classes learning, or go back and repeat the start of the lesson several times as children arrive in dribs and drabs. I would therefore ask that everybody does their very best to arrive before the bell goes at 9.00am every day.


Swimming does not take place during the summer term, so Tuesday will be the final swimming session until September.


As I am sure you are all aware the regulations and guidance around COVID 19 is changing from today (1st April). From today the Island is moving to an endemic approach, as we all learn to adapt our lives to live with it. The new regulations state:-

From Friday 1 April, there is no longer a legal requirement to isolate at home following a positive result of COVID-19, however you will be advised to:

Stay at home and away from sensitive locations (e.g. clinical settings) until 48 hours after your main symptoms have stopped.

Stay warm and take any normal flu and cold medication – you can also read the useful self-management advice for managing symptoms at home

Work from home if you can and if well enough - although you should speak with your employer as each business is different and will have its own unique policy

Ask friends, family, neighbours or volunteers to get food and other essentials for you

Not invite social visitors into your home, including friends and family

Postpone all non-essential services and repairs that require a home visit

Cancel routine medical and dental appointments - if you are concerned about your health or you have been asked to attend an appointment in person during this time, discuss this with your medical contact and let them know about your symptoms or your test result

If you can, let people who you have been in close contact with know about your positive test result so that they can be vigilant for symptoms and make their own personal informed choices

In line with this advice we would ask that from today if your child tests positive they should not attend school until 48 hours after any symptoms have stopped. This is in line with advice for all other illness, i.e. ‘The 48hr rule’.

School Uniform

Over the last few months we have relaxed our uniform requirements and allowed pupils to wear extra layers to combat the effects of us needing to have increased ventilation in the classrooms. After Easter, with we hope the return of warmer weather, we are going to be re-introducing our uniform requirements and asking all children to only wear items of school uniform, which consists of black shoes, (not multi coloured trainers), black or grey trousers, tailored shorts or skirt, a white polo shirt and a school jumper, cardigan or hoodie. Alternatively a blue and white summer dress may be worn. Sports wear, including non uniform hoodies should no longer be worn.

PE Kit

Please can you ensure that your child has their PE Kit in school every day. Whilst each class has a normal day for PE, in summer in particular, staff may take advantage of sunny weather to have a PE session on any day of the week, as this may mean that they are able to get outside, rather than waiting until their normal day when poor weather may be forecast. This level of flexibility is only possible if children keep their PE kit in school, rather than taking it home each evening, and then forgetting it the next day.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open to all pupils and costs 80p a day. There is no need to pre book, children can simply turn up and they will be made most welcome, whether it is a one off, perhaps to help on the day when you have an earlier than normal start at work, or on a regular basis.

Breakfast Club starts at 8.10am, and we would ask that children do not arrive before this time, as we need time to setup, as well as check over the school and grounds before the children arrive to make sure it is safe.

Shennaghys Jiu - Traditions Today

As well as preparing for our 40th Anniversary the children have also been busy producing art work for the Shennaghys Jiu Art Exhibition which is taking place in Ramsey Town Hall until next Tuesday as part of the Music Festival. This afternoon we were visited by Splann, a Cornish Ceilidh band who led the children in some traditional dancing. Further details about the festival are enclosed, or you can follow them on Facebook.


Dinners and Milk

Dinner and Milk prices are:

Dinners - £61.10 or £129.25 for the whole term (Cheques made payable to ‘IOM Government’)

Milk - £11.55 for the whole term (Cheques made payable to ‘IOM Government’)

Snack - £10 for the half term, or £20 for the whole term (Cheques made payable to ‘Jurby School’)

Reception Pupils September 22

If you have a child who is due to start school in September, or know of a family with a child who is, can you please let the school office know, so that we are able to invite them to our taster sessions next term.


We recently carried out a review of our Asthma plans for children with Asthma, and as part of this sent home a letter to all children who we have on record as being asthmatic. If you did not receive a letter, and your child is asthmatic, please contact us as soon as possible as we do not have an inhaler in school for your child. Thank You.

Non Uniform

Next Friday is the last day of term, and as usual will be a non uniform day. This time, we will be donating the £1 donations to our school fund to help pay for various treats the children receive.

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