Covid Update Nov 21

Dear Parents

I am writing to you today to update you on the health precautions that we will be implementing from tomorrow morning in school.

The changes that we will be making are due to the emergence of the Omicron strain. This is a new strain, of which there is currently little scientific knowledge around. The steps that we are asking everybody to take are to try and slow down the spread of this, and other variants, and give the scientists time to carry out more research.

It is important to note that a face covering or mask, helps to reduce the spread of the virus, and that by wearing one, we are all doing our bit to keep everybody in our community safe.

The steps that we are asking everybody to take are:-

When moving around inside the school building all adults are expected to wear a face covering. Members of staff will be wearing a face covering when moving around school. When they are working with children, they will balance the need to wear a face covering, with the need to be able to teach and engage with the children. There will clearly be times when they need to remove the face covering in order to teach effectively.

We will continue to meet with parents, as needed, but may suggest that we meet outside, or via a video call, or normal phone call when appropriate.

Parents should no longer routinely come into school. If your child is late, they can be dropped off at the main entrance and a member of staff will make sure they get to their classroom. There is no need for you to bring them into the school or down to the classroom yourself.


The children travel to and from the swimming pool on Public Transport. We will encourage children to wear a face covering when on the bus, but this will not be insisted upon. School will provide a mask for any child who would like one.

Face Coverings for Children

With the exception of the swimming bus, or minibus, children will not need to wear a face covering. The data does show us though that the highest percentage of cases are currently in the 10 - 14 age range, and we would ask that if your child is in this age range, that you give careful thought to them wearing a face covering. School will provide a mask for any child who asks for one.


Advice from Public Health is that rooms should be ventilated as much as possible. This means that windows will routinely be open in all parts of the school. This is a significant step in reducing the spread of Covid. It does however mean that the school is colder than usual. Therefore from tomorrow we are making a temporary change to our uniform policy to allow children to wear non school hoodies, ON TOP of their normal school uniform if they are cold. (Please remember to make sure they are named.)

It goes without saying that any children suffering from any Covid symptoms must not be sent into school. If in any doubt, children suffering from symptoms should be kept off school and you should seek advice from 111 or arrange a PCR test online. Further details about symptoms and what to do can be found on the Government Covid website at:

We are aware that the pandemic has caused change and uncertainty and we have some useful links on our website that you may wish to look at if you or your child needs some extra help and support.

At this stage all of our Christmas events will take place as planned, although we will expect masks to be worn.

Thank you for your support with these changes, which we hope will only be for a short time.

Best wishes

Will Nelson

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