Newsletter 16th April

Dear Parent’s

Following last nights announcement by the Chief Minister I am delighted to be able to confirm that our school will be open to all pupils from Monday 19th April. Breakfast club will start again at 8.10am, on Monday, and the main school will start, as usual at 9.00am.

When we return we will have some mitigation measures in place, which will include:-

  • Hand washing on a regular basis, as a minimum whenever the children come in to the school i.e. at 9.00am, and after each break and lunch.
  • Limited sharing of equipment. Each child will have their own pen, pencil etc and we will limit the sharing of general resources as far as is practical.
  • Increased ventilation. Advice from Public Health is to have more windows open, and we will follow that advice. Luckily we are heading into warmer weather, but if your child feels the cold they may want to make sure they bring a jumper or cardigan with them.
  • Children will come in and out of school using their classroom door. They should not use the main entrance.
  • Reduced access to the school building. Once again we are asking adults not to come into our building. Children who are nervous about coming in can be dropped at their outside classroom door, where a member of staff will meet them if needed. Staff are normally outside on the play ground each morning, and will happily come out at the end of the day as well if you need a chat. Please just wave at them, or send us a message during the day, asking us to pop out at the end of the day.
  • If you, or your child, would like to continue to wear a mask, please do so. This is entirely up to you, and as a school we will support your child with their choice.
  • Please don’t send your child into school with anything they don’t need. A drinks bottle and their reading book is all they should need to bring with them. Our cloakrooms are small and we don’t have room for lots of big bags.
  • School uniform should be worn as normal from Monday.

If your child is showing any signs or symptoms of COVID, please do not send them, or any siblings into school until you have taken advice from 111.

Experience has shown us that all children will react differently to lockdown and the return to school. Some children will be ready to start again straight away, and will be keen to see everything return to normal as quickly as possible. Other children will be nervous and may not be ready for formal learning straight away. As a school we will react accordingly to different children’s needs, and do our very best to provide learning that works for them. This may mean that children in the same class, will be doing different activities, and that some children will be spending a little more time out of class than normal. We will of course keep in touch and let you know if your child is needing significant changes to support them.

Whilst we hope that every child is going to be ready to come back full time from Monday, if you feel that your child is going to struggle to cope full time, please talk to me, so that we can agree what will work best for your child.

As many of you will have noticed over the last few months we have had a few staff changes, so now seems like an ideal opportunity to update you all.

Class 1 - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Miss Dennett (class teacher), supported by Mrs Hope, Miss Lace, Mrs Watson (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Corkill (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Class 2 - Year 3 and Year 4

Mrs Radcliffe (class teacher), supported by Mrs Corkill (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Dobbie (Wednesday - Friday)

Miss Webb will also be working in Class 2 this half term, undertaking her final teaching practice.

Class 3 - Year 5 and 6

Mrs Cranmer (class teacher), supported by Mrs Hazelgrove

Mrs Dobbie will also continue to provide 1-2-1 and small group Literacy support, predominantly for children in Class 2 and 3. If your child is working with Mrs Dobbie in this capacity we will let you know.

Mrs Quayle and Mrs Webb will be working together to provide Nurture support for children across the school, based in the Community Room. This will enable children who are struggling with some aspects of formal schooling to access support on a regular basis. This will be on a timetabled basis, so that the children involved know when they are going to be in the their regular class, and when they are going to be working outside of class. Mrs Quayle and Mrs Webb will also work with children in Year 6 who are nervous about the move to RGS to help prepare them for September.

Unfortunately Mrs Waddell is not well at the moment and so won’t be coming back to work straight away.

Miss Lace will be continuing to also teach in Class 2 and 3 on a Monday afternoon.

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Albiston and Miss Kneale-Hammond continue in their roles as lunchtime supervisors, working with Mrs Black our cook.


Normally swimming does not take place in the summer term, however it has been decided to continue with swimming until TT, in order to make up for the time that was missed in the Spring term. Swimming will therefore start again on Tuesday 20th April for children in Class 2 and 3.


As you may have seen on the news, sadly Ardwhallan has temporarily closed its doors, which means we will not be able to access this facility this term. I had been in the process of organising a residential for children in Class 3 based at Ardwhallan. I am currently investigating other options and will write to parents of children in Class 3 as soon as I have any information.

Best Wishes

Mr W Nelson


Dates for the Term

Mon 3rd May Bank Holiday - School Closed

Mon 31st May Bank Holiday - School Closed

Wed 2nd June Sports Day 1.30pm

Thur 3rd June Reserve Sports Day 1.30pm

Thur 3rd June Non Uniform Day £1 for school Charity

Break up for Half Term (TT)

Mon 14th June Children back to School

Fri 18th June Parents Information Letters to go out

Wed 30th June Parents Evening

Mon 5th July Bank Holiday - School Closed

7th & 8th July Y6 Induction days at RGS

Tue 13th July Whole School Day out

Wed 21st July Leavers Concert and Awards Night 7.00pm

Fri 23rd July Non Uniform Day £1 for school Charity

Break up for Summer Term

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