Newsletter 28.1.21

Dear Parent’s

Preparations are underway for our full return to Jurby School on Monday 1st February, although we have not at the time of writing had final confirmation from the Chief Minister that lockdown will be ending on Monday 1st.

When we return on Monday, it will be to a normal school, operating as we were before Christmas. There will be no need for social distancing, and masks will not be required, although if any child or adult wants to wear one, that is fine. Full school uniform will be required when we return.

We will be reminding the children about the need for good hygiene. This will include regular hand washing, use of tissues when they sneeze or blow their nose, and not sharing pens and pencils. We are also asking the children to please not bring in items from home. This will help to prevent bugs from coming into school or being taken back home. Our aim is to try and keep everyone fit and well and free from the coughs, colds and general bugs that can plague us at this time of year. Children and teachers have missed enough time off school in the last 12 months, lets not try and add in extra days off due to general ill health.

Once again we will also be asking parents not to come into the main school, but instead to wait outside at the start and end of the day. Teachers will be outside in the playground at the start of the day if you need to speak to them. If your child arrives at school late, please simply take them to their classroom’s outside door, and they will be let in. Please do not bring them in yourself through the front door.

Swimming will start again from Tuesday 2nd February, so please make sure that your child has their kit, along with a hat if they need one. Before Christmas we did have a couple of children who were unable to take part as they did not have a hat and the pool only have a very small number to borrow.

P.E. will also start again straight away, so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school with them. Ardwhallan will be starting for children in Mrs Radcliffe’s class on Thursday. They will need old clothes, a water proof coat, and shoes or boots that will keep their feet dry.

Lunch will be £23.50 for the next two weeks, or £82.25 until Easter (£58.75 from half term until Easter)

Milk will be £7.35 from Monday 1st February until Easter.

There will be no charge for snack and cookery for class 1 for the next two weeks. After half term it will revert to the normal cost of £10 for the half term. Children in class 2 and 3 will need to bring their own snack in as normal.

We have decided not to re-start soft play until after half term, as this activity does produce a significant amount of extra cleaning and we want to ensure that Dee is not overwhelmed for the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best wishes

Mr W Nelson

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