Newsletter 9.7.20Classes for Next Year

We have now confirmed our arrangements for next year, and I am pleased to confirm that our class structure will be remaining the same, and are shown in the table to the right. Therefore children currently in Year 2 will be moving into Class 2 with Mrs Radcliffe, and children currently in Year 4 will be moving into Class 3 with Mrs Cranmer. Our Education Support Officers of Mrs Hope, Mrs Corlett, Mrs Waddell and Mrs Dobbie will be continuing to support pupils across the school.

Class 1 Miss Dennett and Mrs Hope Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. 22 Pupils

Class 2 Mrs Radcliffe Year 3 and 4 16 Pupils

Class 3 Mrs Cranmer Year 5 and 6 19 Pupils

Music Day

Next Wednesday (15th July) we will be having a whole school music day, and as part of this we will be joined for some of the time by pupils from RGS. As part of the day we will be putting on a short concert, which will be starting at 1.45pm, and will last around 30 minutes. Please do come along and support your child. The time of the concert is due to the fact that the pupils from RGS need to leave Jurby by 2.30pm.


Following the music concert next Wednesday, we plan to hold an informal FOJS meeting starting at 2.30pm. This is an opportunity for you to come along, let us know your ideas and thoughts of our events this year, and tell us what you would like to see happening next year.

Sports Day

Sports Day will be taking place on Thursday 23rd July starting at 1.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and we will have some races for pre-school children, as well as parents!

Whole School Day out

Our annual whole school day out will be taking place on Friday 17th July. We will be travelling by bus to Douglas, and having a private screening of Trolls - World Tour at the Broadway Cinema. More details can be found in this letter

Prize Evening

Our annual prize evening takes place on Wednesday 22nd July at 7.00pm. As usual we will be presenting a range of awards and prizes to children across the school, not just those who are leaving us.

We keep details of our prize winners top secret until the moment they are announced. None of the prize winners, or their parents know that they have won, so we would encourage everyone to come along on the evening.

During the evening Class 3’s Windband will be performing, and they will also be entertaining us with a play they have written about themselves. In addition Children in Class 1 and Class 2 will be performing some songs.

Children in Class 3 need to arrive at school by 6.30pm and should go to their classroom. Children in Class 1 and 2 need to arrive by 6.45pm and again should go to their classroom. All children should come wearing their school uniform.

Free School Meals

If you are currently entitled to free school meals, or think you may be next year please remember to re-apply. The entitlement is not automatically carried over from one year to the next, you need to re-apply. Please note that until your application is approved, any meals taken are charged for, the application is not back dated, so the sooner you apply the better. I would also encourage you to apply even if at the moment you do not think your child will have school meals, as the school receives a small amount of extra funding based on our level of free school meals, and it is important to us to get all the funding we are entitled to.

The application can be done online, using this link, or by Googling IOM Free School Meals.

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