Newsletter 16th June 2020

Dear Parents,

As promised I am writing today to provide more information about the children’s return to school. Following a meeting last night with Dr Henrietta Ewart, Director of Public Health, we are now in a position to relax many of our more stringent plans and will be able to welcome the children back to a much more familiar school environment. There will though be a few changes, and all of these are based around the premise of ensuring high quality hygiene to reduce the risk of all infection, not just COVID 19.

School is open from tomorrow to children of key workers, construction, trade and agriculture, and will be re-opening from next Monday (22nd June) to all children. For the remainder of this week, we will keep with the staggered start and finish times that we have already informed you about, as this will allow us the time to ensure the children get into the routine of washing their hands as soon as they come into the building. From Monday 22nd June, we will revert to a start time of 9.00am and finish of 3.30pm for all and Breakfast Club will re-start on Monday 22nd June.

If you wish to keep your child at home until September, or wish them to only attend part time (either part days, or only attend on certain days) that is still absolutely fine, just let us know.

As we have previously said, children must only bring to school with them a coat and their lunch if you are providing it. Lunch should come to school in a lunch box or bag, please don’t send in back packs or other bags. School will be providing a daily snack and drinks for all children free of charge for the rest of this term. I would like to thank Jurby Northern Community Initiatives and the Manx Lottery Trust for their sponsorship. Each child will also be given their own set of stationery to use in school. There will be no need for children to bring in their own pencil cases or toys, or PE Kits.

School meals for the immediate future will be ‘packed’ lunch, consisting of a sandwich, crisps, piece of cake and a drink. If you are entitled to free school meals these will be provided free of charge, for other pupils they will be available at the normal cost of £2.30 per day. Children will be be asked to choose their sandwich filling each morning and there will be a choice of brown of white bread.

Children should come to school in a basic uniform of white polo shirt and trousers / skirt or shorts. There is no need for school shoes or school jumpers, cardigans etc. If any of them wish to wear a school summer dress that is fine. I have made this decision around uniform taking into account advice from Public Health that children should be in laundered clothes every day, which they should change as soon they get home. Advice given to me by Educational Psychologist is that there is a need to settle children back into normal school routines and environments as quickly as possible, and school uniform will have a role to play in this. As a staff we all feel that school uniform will bring back the sense of security and belonging that many children have missed over the last three months and will help them to settle back into school quickly.

We do have a small supply of second hand uniform in school which is available to anybody who needs it free of charge, and if you have any items that your child has grown out of we would welcome these to add to our supply.

We will be continuing to ask parents and other adults not to come into the school building, but instead to wait outside for their child. We will be dismissing all the children from their classroom doors, which are at the side of the building next to the road.

I will write to you again later on this week with an updated list of dates for the rest of this term, but in the meantime if you have any questions, please ask.

Best Wishes

Will Nelson


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