Newsletter 14.2.20

Learning Dispositions

Jurby 2020

At the end of last term we shared with you the results of our Parents’ Questionnaire. During this half term we have been looking in depth at the responses and comments and have planned a number of changes which we will be introducing during this year. We are calling these ‘Jurby 2020’, as we plan to make 20 key improvements during this calendar year. Some of these will be introducing something completely new e.g. our reading challenge, others will be improving something we currently do to make it even better.

Picking up on our Parents’ Questionnaire some of the changes we are making are detailed below.

Communication - Four parents felt that communication between school and home could be improved, and a number of parents have asked in the past for an official school Facebook page. We plan to shortly launch a page, which we will use as an additional method of communication. The purpose of the page will be to share with you some of the success that the children have had in their learning, and to publicise up and coming events. This will be an open page which will be visible to anybody who is interested in our school. It is not intended to be used for complaints or negativity. As a school we are always open to feedback, both good and bad, but would ask that if you feel we can do something better that you come and talk to us face to face, or if that is not possible that you give us a ring.

Homework - Six parents told us that their child does not always enjoy completing their homework, and three did not feel that children were given the right amount of homework. As a result we plan to review our homework policy over the next half term, to see if any changes are needed. The first stage of this will be to hold an open meeting to hear your views on homework on Monday 9th March at 2.30pm, and then again at 7pm on Monday 9th March.

Jurby Learning Dispositions - Eight parents told us that they did not know what our Learning Dispositions or Learning Characters were, and how they relate to their children’s learning. We have therefore produced a leaflet outlining what our Learning Dispositions are and how we use them to support the children with their learning. A copy of this accompanies this newsletter.

Industrial Action

You will almost certainly have seen in the local news reports articles about the ongoing dispute between some of the teachers’ unions and the Department of Education, Sport and Culture. I, along with all of the teachers at our school, do not believe that industrial action is the best route to be taking. As a result we will be continuing to do everything that we currently do, and there will be no changes to the services that we provide, including breakfast club, lunchtime support and after school events. If you have any questions about this or wish to find out more, please do come and talk to me. - Mr Nelson

Public Speaking

Most of the children this week have given a short talk to the other children about something that is of interest to them. All of the children did very well and the staff were impressed with both the quality of the talks, and the time that the children had spent in planning and preparing. We still need to hear a small number of children’s talks, which we will do straight after half term.

Once we have heard everybody's talks we will select a small number of children to go through to the finals, which will be taking place on Friday 28th February.

World Book Day

We are holding our World Book Day is on Friday 6th March. This year we will be inviting the children to come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book, which they should bring with them. During the day we will share some of these books with each other as well as taking part in some other activities. There will be no charge for this non uniform day.

Staff News

Some of you may have seen that we recently advertised for a School Caretaker. I am delighted to announce that Mrs Dee Richards was appointed to the post.


We recently took a group of Year 3 and 4 children to RGS to take part in the annual hockey tournament. The children all played very well, only losing 2 of their 6 matches. Thank you to Mrs Hope for her hard work in coaching the team before hand.

Manx Day

On Monday we held a Manx Day in school with all the children taking part in a dance workshop, cookery session and creative art session. The day ended with the children sampling all the food they cooked during the day. During the creative art session the children started to build an octopus which will be going on display in Ramsey Town Hall at the end of term.

Thank you to Mrs Waddell, Mrs Hope and Mrs Jaques (visiting teacher) who planned and organised the three activities, and to the rest of the staff and children for their enthusiasm.

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