Newsletter 4th September 2019Newsletter 4th September 19

Welcome back!

I would like to say a big welcome to all the new pupils who have joined us today, and welcome back to all the other children. It was great to see all their happy smiling faces in the playground this morning, and so many children looking very smart in their new school uniform.

I would also like to welcome to our school Miss Dennett, who will be teaching in Class 1. Please say hello and introduce yourself when you see her.

We would also like to congratulate Mrs Quayle who got married over the summer. Her new name is Mrs Corlett.


This year we have 3 classes in school again and have decided to keep the same names as last year.

The Foxes - Children in Year 5 and 6, who will be taught by Mrs Cranmer. (22 children)

The Owls - Children in Year 3 and 4, who will be taught by Mrs Radcliffe. (15 children)

The Koalas - Children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 children, taught by Miss Dennett and Mrs Hope (19 children).

Miss Lace will be working in school on a Tuesday and Wednesday teaching in all classes.

P.E. Swimming and Ardwhallan

Please can you make sure that your child has their P.E. Kit in school every day. (House coloured t-shirt, shorts, socks and pumps or trainers.) We will be continuing with our Mile a Day initiative, on the field when it is dry and on the Parade Ground when the field is wet and muddy. Please can you make sure your child has suitable shoes to change into for this.

This half term Mrs Radcliffe’s class will be going to Ardwhallan on a Thursday afternoon. They will need to bring with them suitable clothes to change into at lunchtime. Please can you make sure that they have a waterproof coat, as well as a hat and gloves if it is cold. They will be going to and from Ardwhallan in a minibus and should return to school between 3.45pm and 4.00pm. Next half term it will be the turn of Mrs Cranmer’s class.

Swimming starts on Tuesday for children in Mrs Radcliffe’s and Mrs Cranmer’s Classes. Children with long hair, or a fringe that is at eye level or below will need a swimming hat. Whilst we understand that occasionally this may be forgotten, the pool have a very limited number to borrow, and if your child does not have a hat, and needs one, they will not be able to swim.

Developing Independence

This year we would like to develop further the children’s independence, and encourage them to take more responsibility for their belongings. As part of this please can we ask that every child carries their own bag into school at 9.00am, rather than you bringing it in for them before the start of the school day. This should help them become more aware of where their belongings are, and what they have brought with them, so at the end of the day they can bring them all home again.

Dinner and Milk

If your child would like to have Milk this term please ensure that Mrs Patterson has received payment of £7 by 9.30am on Friday. If we do not receive payment milk will not be ordered for your child.This can be paid for via Parent Pay.

School lunches are £2.30 a day, £11.50 a week or £87.40 for the half term. If you are eligible for free school meals please note that you need to re-apply each September and any meals your child has before the application is approved you will need to pay for. It is NOT back dated. Cheques for milk and lunch should be made payable to IOM Government.

Children in Class 1 also need to pay £10 to cover the half term’s snack and cookery. Cheques should be made payable to Jurby School.

Dates for the Year

Enclosed with this letter is a copy of our key dates for the year. Please take a few minutes over the next day or two to study them and put them into your diaries etc so that you don’t miss any important events. In particular please note that the children are on holiday for the whole TT Fortnight, AND the Friday before practice week starts. Please also be aware that the following year (2021) the TT holiday reverts back to only 1 week.

Healthy Snacks

Children in Class 1 are provided with a healthy snack every day. This normally consists of fruit or veg, sometimes with a dip e.g. humus, or on occasions what they have cooked in class the day before.

Children in Class 2 and 3 are free to bring in their own healthy snack if they want to. Please do not send in sweets, chocolate, bags of crisps, cakes etc. Many of these simply give the child an instant sugar hit, and then half an hour later they ‘crash’, which affects their ability to learn. NHS England advises that average 9 year old boy needs 1,840 Calories, and the average 9 year old girl needs 1,721 calories. The recommended amount of sugar is 24g, excluding sugar that naturally occurs in fruit.

Below is a guide to how many calories are in different snacks, which may help you when choosing your child’s snack.

Number of Calories

Percentage of Daily recomend intake (1,800 Calories)

Amount of Sugar in grams

Percentage of Recommended daily amount (24g)











20 Grapes





Bag of Crisps (32.5g)










Dairylea Dunkers





Mini Cheddars





Claws Fruit Winder





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