We will be linking our literacy very closely to our theme this term. In the first half term, we will be looking at information texts and books about mountains. We will then research, plan and write our own Guide to Mountains.

We will be reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter and Escape from Pompeii, together with some other stories about natural disasters, leading up to writing our own disaster story.

We will be focussing on creating effective beginnings and ends to our stories.

At sentence level we will be working on: using our senses to describe a volcano, creating atmosphere, describing settings and characters and making our sentences more interesting.

We also continue with our small group Guided Reading work, spelling and handwriting."


In numeracy we will continue to work on our Times Tables, and will carry on with our weekly Times Tables Race. Children will continue to work in roughly three groups, with each child working according to their individual level. We will all be working on decimals - some of us rounding them to the nearest number, some doubling and halving decimals and others multiplying and dividing them. We will all be revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at various levels, and we will be looking at ways to interpret and present information in various kinds of chart and graph. Some of us will be looking at nets for cubes and cuboids, measuring angles to 1 degree and recognising shapes in a mirror line, others will be focussing on telling the time and working out how long an event lasts to five minute."

History, geography and citizenship:

Our theme this term is Extreme Earth. We will begin by looking at how mountain ranges are formed and where the main mountain ranges are. We will research famous mountaineers and expeditions and look at life, biodiversity, eco tourism and wildlife in mountain areas. We will then move on to look at volcanoes in more detail - their formation and distribution throughout the world. We will imagine what it would be like to be caught in an eruption. We will learn the story of Pompeii, and look at the advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano. Finally, we will look at earthquakes and the movement of tectonic plates, and we will attempt to make an earthquake proof structure!"


Our Terrific Scientific Work this term has already seen us start the investigation “ Do temperature and light affect the growth rate of spring onions?” We “planted” our onions on Monday and have been measuring them daily. We will be looking for patterns in the data to see whether they grow more on days when the temperature is higher than on the days when its cooler. We will be plotting the data on graphs, analysing them and sending our results to the University of Warwick. To tie in with this, in science lessons we will be looking at the organs of plants, how they grow, photosynthesis how they reproduce and their lifecycles. We are also hoping to look at changing states, and reversble and irreversible changes."

PE & PSHE and Personal Development:

The first half term the children will once again be at Ardwhallan, swapping after half term to resume their sessions with the MSR coach. There is no swimming this term. Instead we will be re-starting the daily run, and going out to do sport on the field when the weather is good.

We will be carrying on with our PATHS curriculum."

ICT, design and technology:

In D.T. this term we will be making a mountain range! We are also going to try and design a structure that can withstand an earthquake!

We will be using ICT within lessons, and to research, record and present work. "

Visits & Visitors:

We will continue to be visited on a Wednesday by the music staff - watch this space for news of our Big Summer Concert!

Some of the children will be going on the Residential Trip in June, and all of the children will have opportunity to take part in cycle training in the week beginning 21st May. More details to follow. Year 6 will attend Transition events at R.G.S. and Crucial Crew; Year 5 will attend Life Path."

Art & Design, Music, Dance and Drama:

In art we will be looking at painting volcanoes.

We will continue with our weekly music lessons; the children are all doing very well, and are already quite impressive at reading music! Drama will continue to be incorporated into our literacy activities, and we are going to be dancing a volcano!

How you can help your child:

Please practise times tables with your children. The children will also be given learning journal and guided reading homework. We would appreciate your support on these tasks. "

Significant Dates and Events:

21 May Cycle training

30 May Sports Day

31 May reserve sports Day

22 June Crucial Crew (Year 6)

25 - 29 June Residential Trip

3 July Parents’ Evening

3 and 4 July Year 6 at RGS

4 July Life Path (Year 5)

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