Dear Parent’s

As you will no doubt have heard on the news, we plan to re-open all schools to all pupils on Monday 1st February. Please note that this is currently not a confirmed opening date, the Chief Minister will make the decision later next week.

The staff and I are now planning, in consultation with DESC, the steps we will need to take in order to ensure that all children are safe when we return. Once these plans have been made I will write to you again, but by and large we will be returning back to a normal fully functioning school.

Since we returned in June we have had a high level of cleaning, with high touch points (door handles, corridor walls, toilets etc) cleaned several times a day, and this will of course continue. Whilst the school has been closed Dee has been in and carried out a full deep clean and I would like to publicly thank her for her hard work and commitment to our school.

Children will continue to use individual pens, pencils etc and we will once again be asking them not to share these items with friends. We will be asking children not to bring items from home into school, or to take home items from school, to prevent cross contamination between home and school. Further details about these steps will be provided next week, when we are able to confirm a re-opening date.

The children will be taught in the usual class groups, and we hope that it will be a return to the normal that we had become used to. Social distancing will not be required in school, although we will be spacing the children out as much as possible whilst in class. School uniform will be required, but face masks will not be required in school, although any chid who wishes to wear one, will be welcome to do so.

Our online learning meetings will continue next week, with times remaining unchanged. You may notice though towards the end of the week some of the extra aspects e.g. ‘assignments’ and tasks in Teams no longer appearing, as staff will be busy preparing and planning for Monday.
We will also produce what we will hope will be our second and final activity pack, which will be available from the shop from Monday afternoon.

I will write to you again next week, but in the meantime if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Best wishes

Will Nelson